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July 16, 2022

The Bride

She's been dreaming about this day, like, forever. Every thoughtful detail which has been cascading through her mind since she was a child is being meticulously brought to life in order to fulfill her dream wedding, although she never imagined sharing this beautiful day with such an "experienced" (but absolutely perfect) Groom.

The Groom

He's still trying to figure out how he convinced her to date him, let alone marry him. Was it a dream? Did she lose a bet? Did cupid's arrow somehow ricochet off someone else and hit him by accident? She is the End Game. The perfect counterpart. The Pinnacle. The Moon and the Stars. Third times the charm, amiright?

Our Love Story

First time we met

You know when you meet someone for the first time and there's just that instant feeling of connection? You're not sure what it is, or even why it's happening, but you feel energy - vibrance - happiness - like you're a better version of yourself when you're around them? Yeah....It was like that.

First date

As is typical, the first few times we hung out was with friends. It calms the nerves, removes pressure, and you have an escape plan ūüėČ Pride Boston was our debut as a couple. We knew we wanted more, but it was wayyy too soon to admit it. Add in some apple picking, Fall adventures, more trips to Boston, and halloween pumpkin spectaculars and before you know it, we were counting the days until we could do it again.


It HAD to be EPIC, and it was! Waterplace Park, Rhode Island - May 23, 2021. Kelly was greeted by a flashmob as she was led to the Basin by her friend (and our officiant!) Laura Netherwood, surrounded by friends and family, although she was too distracted to notice them. The dancers performed to music cut together from a few of our songs. Photographers, videographers, and even a drone captured every moment perfectly. After the proposal, we celebrated at The Capital Grille in Providence - our favorite date night spot! Scroll down to watch the proposal video!


It's been an adventure so far! We've been busy keeping up with regular life stuff, like everyone else, but do our best to protect time to be together to enjoy these moments, and plan the perfect day to share with you all! We've got some amazing details planned!

The Proposal Video

Wedding Events

Engagement Dinner

  • The Capital Grille - Providence

We had an amazing time celebrating our engagement with friends and family! The Capital Grille is our favorite date night spot, and the scene of many wonderful memories for us!

Rehearsal Celebration

  • Backyard Paradise

Let's get the celebration started early! Immediately following the rehearsal on July 14, 2022 we will be hosting a catered reception for our wedding party and extended family. There will be plenty of food, fun, and music!

Ceremony & Reception

  • Lakeview Pavilion

We literally didn't look anywhere else! The moment we walked in to this beautiful venue, it was obvious this was the place for us! It has every detail, look, and feel that we wanted for our special day!

Hotel Accommodations

  • Renaissance Hotel - Patriot Place / enVision Hotel - Mansfield

We have two room block options available at a discounted rate from July 14th to 17th. The Renaissance Hotel is where we will be for the weekend! Both are less than 15 minutes from Lakeview Pavilion.

Click here to book a room at the discounted rate of $209 per night.  Please select dates between 7/14/22 & 7/17/22 (even though it says 7/12/22 to 7/20/22 on the link).  Only King size bed reservations are able to be booked.  You must put in a request for a room with two Queen beds.  Two Queen rooms are in limited supply and will be honored if possible.  Best to go with the Holiday Inn option if you need guaranteed Queen beds.  Renaissance Inn is a 10 minute drive to Lakeview Pavilion and a 20 minute drive to the Rehearsal Celebration.  *** PLEASE NOTE THE SPECIAL CONTINGENCIES ON THE WEBSITE IF A MAJOR EVENT IS BOOKED AT GILLETTE STADIUM ON AN EVENING OF YOUR STAY *** 

Click here to book a room for the reduced rate of $159 per night.  One King and Two Queen options are available.  The enVision Hotel & Conference Center (formerly The Holiday Inn) offers an onsite restaurant and Indoor Heated Pool.  The enVision Hotel is a 12 minute drive to Lakeview Pavilion and a 7 minute drive to the Rehearsal Celebration. 

The Wedding Party

Caity Parker

Karim Georges

Laura Netherwood


Kate Whyte


Ellena Augoustakis


Laura Foley


Julianne Curtis


Mary Georges


Krista Kelly


Katherine Host


Jordan Host

Junior Bridesmaid

Abigail Host

Junior Bridesmaid

Markeith Host


Christopher Host


Joe Kelly


Josh Drury


Jenn Urso


Lindsey Scholl


Steve Hamilton

Groomsman & SFOTB

Lynne Hamilton

Mother of the Bride

Steve Conca

Father of the Bride

Mark & Sue Host

Parents of Groom

Please RSVP prior to May 23, 2022

or plan to bring a chair and a sandwich

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